Quantum Days

Crash-Course on Quantum Computing

18-19 May 2019
UT Physicum
W. Ostwaldi 1, Tartu
With support from Tartu Ülikooli Füüsika Instituut organized by Ketita Labs

The event is over, see you at the next Quantum Days!

In the meantime: For other ways to learn about quantum, check out Quantum Computing in Estonia


This 2-day event on near-term quantum computing consists of lectures about quantum mechanical foundations and lab sessions where participants learn to write quantum computer code.


You have to start somewhere: The lowest-level basics of quantum mechanics (e.g., chapters 1-4 of Susskind, Friedman "Quantum Mechanics — The Theoretical Minimum") are taken for granted.

Venue and Time

UT Physicum, W. Ostwaldi 1, Tartu

Saturday May 18 – Sunday May 19
10:00 – 18:00


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