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Ketita Labs is a quantum computer software startup, focusing on hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and high-performance quantum-classical computing for computational chemistry.


Dirk Oliver Theis

Dirk Oliver Theis

PhD in mathematics (Heidelberg)
Assoc. Prof. at Uni Tartu (homepage)
Juhatus Liige
Veiko Palge

Veiko Palge

PhD in physics (Leeds)
Researcher in quantum information at Uni Tartu (homepage)
Bahman Ghandchi

Bahman Ghandchi

PhD student (Tartu)

Internships & Theses

Yay, Ketita Labs is finally an official spin-off startup of the University of Tartu. From June 2020 on, we are offering to supervise internships for students who want to learn more about quantum computing in general, quantum-computer chemistry, or hybrid quantum-classical high performance computing. Supervision agreements and required certificates will be provided. In these troubled (covid) times, working remotely from your home office is possible for most projects.

The table below will be expanded over the coming months. Click on a title to see the description.

Computer Science and Software Engineering students who have taken quantum physics, quantum computing, or solid linear algebra courses should categorize themselves as "math" or "physics", as appropriate.

BSc/MSc Theses and ECTS Credits for Internship

Most of the projects above can be expanded into a thesis project. If you are a student of the University of Tartu and interested in a bachelor's or master's thesis, to navigate the bureaucracy, do this:

Regarding internships, students of the University of Tartu can get ECTS credit points for "practical training". Talk to us first about the topic/project you would like to work on, and contact the responsible instructor in one of the following courses:

  • Physics Bsc (physics-chemistry-materials)
    TFY.00.001 Practical Speciality Training
    (talk to Kalev Tarkpea)
    LOKT.00.024 Professional Practice
    (talk to Säde Viirlaid)
  • Physics MSc
    LOFY.00.007 Practical Experiences in Physics
    (talk to Laurits Puust)
  • Math BSc
    LTMS.00.011 Practical Training
    (talk to Indrek Zolk)
  • Math MSc
    MTMS.01.087 Professional Practice
    (talk to Mare Vähi)


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